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Overzicht van nieuwe normalisatie-onderwerpen afkomstig van CEN en ISO

15 June 2021


NIEUWE CEN/ISO ONDERWERPEN IN 2019-2021 Issue date Source Subject [proposer] 2021-06-15 ISO Proposal for a new deliverable on Quality management systems — [OAS/SCC] Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001 in policing organization 2021-06-02 CEN/CLC CEN/CENELEC Workshop on Digital sovereignty - European [AFNOR] perspective, general approach and implications on standardisation 2021-05-12 ISO New. [...] Interface mechanical requirements and laboratory testing 2020-05-27 CEN CEN Workshop on 'Performance test method for lower limb [DIN] wearable robots for walking on irregular terrains' 2020-05-20 CEN CEN Workshop for community face coverings – COVID-19 [AFNOR] 2020-05-05 CEN CEN Workshop on “Mapping of the mandatory and voluntary [UNI] Carbon Management framework in the EU” 2020-04-29 CEN Good pra.


Netherlands Standardization Institute

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