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10 June 2021


New England, electricity imports from Québec and New This report summarizes the existing electricity rela- Brunswick contribute to lower wholesale power costs and tionship between Canada and the United States, includ- deliver an annual economic benefit in the range of $103 ing areas of international cooperation and electricity million to $471 million.3 As noted in recent bilateral trade. [...] Finally, the report highlights oppor- (i.e., solar, wind, hydro, nuclear and battery storage) in tunities and challenges that exist for additional integra- Canada and the United States.4 Additionally, states like tion of the two systems that could assist the United States New York and Massachusetts are looking to Canadian as well as individual states, cities, and companies (operat- hydropower to h. [...] Canada Canada’s ambition to reach 90 percent non-emitting also imports electricity from the United States at times to power generation by 2030.19 Moreover, the leaders agreed help it meet demand.15 However, over the past 30 years, to take a “coordinated approach” to advance clean elec- Canada has been a net exporter of electricity to the tricity targets, including infrastructure and cross-border U. [...] Department of Energy and Natural Resources (i.e., 49 percent of total generation in 2019) with firm, Canada collaborated to assemble regulatory and statu- transmission connections to hydropower resources in tory requirements for transmission deployment, which Norway and Sweden.86 was developed to create a greater understanding of the Another recent study from MIT demonstrates the process.77 In mos. [...] Policy signals are needed today to help incentivize 13 Center for Climate and Energy Solutions investment decisions and create the necessary regulatory and affordability in decarbonizing economies on environment to continue the integration that can achieve both sides of the border.

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

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