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20 October 2020


Upon the conclusion of the review, the peer review panel provides a summary of observations, findings and recommendations to the senior management of the requesting agency, and subsequently formalizes those findings and recommendations in a written report. [...] The peer review panel will typically conduct a dinner meeting the evening prior to the commencement of the peer review in order to provide introductions and to discuss the review agenda, scope of work, and task expectations. [...] An agenda will be established by the requesting agency with assistance from the APTA facilitator and the requesting agency, and will typically include the following: • Introductory meeting of the peer review panel and agency senior management • Briefing by agency as to background for the peer review request and issues to be addressed • Tour of agency or field visits if applicable • Presentations a. [...] 4 PREPARATION OF FINDINGS & RECOMMENDATIONS During the team caucus at the conclusion of the review, the facilitator will facilitate a discussion of the peer review panel to compile findings and recommendations specific to each issue identified for the review. [...] EXIT MEETING The exit meeting will be conducted on the final day of the peer review and will consist of a presentation of findings and recommendations relative to each area defined in the scope for the peer review.


American Public Transportation Association

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