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APTA Announces and Congratulates Innovation - Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas

15 October 2020


Bulova helped found the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) commuter System Achievement rail line in 1988 and oversaw the massive redevelopment of Tyson‚Äôs Corner and the launch of the Silver Line. [...] Beverly Scott is recognized as a trailblazer, a thoughtful Board Member and inspirational leader and a passionate advocate for the betterment of the public transportation industry through her Sharon McBride efforts to ensure training and opportunities are made available to young and disadvantaged individuals, many of whom have Sharon McBride has served nearly 23 years on the Greater gone on to bec. [...] She has McBride is an active APTA member and has served on the association‚Äôs board of been a tireless advocate for the association and has served on many committees, directors, and as part of the Executive Committee. [...] Ensuring diversity and inclusiveness in the workforce, and in contracting, has been While at Golden Gate, Kupersmith was elected to be chair of APTA‚ÄĒonly the one of the hallmarks of Ford‚Äôs career. [...] which led to a series of legal challenges that halted the flow of billions of dollars in Throughout his long and distinguished career, Barker has federal grants earmarked for California transit agencies, Jablonski led the develop- held leadership roles on APTA‚Äôs board and many committees ment of the plan to resolve the controversy and allow funding to flow once again.

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