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Growing Strategic Importance of Cooperation in ASEAN Energy Transition

15 July 2021


Substantial growth in China’s energy demand and imports since the beginning of this century has symbolized the shift and dramatically raised China’s significance for and presence in the international energy market. [...] How to address energy and environmental issues in India and ASEAN is vitally important for them and for the entire world. [...] The special meeting was significant because Japan and ASEAN reaffirmed that it is important to steadily and realistically promote decarbonization initiatives meeting ASEAN members’ realities in addressing energy and environmental issues in ASEAN that is extremely important for Japan. [...] If ASEAN attempts to follow the suit of Japan, the United States and Europe to pursue carbon neutrality in 2050, such attempt may conflict with ASEAN’s sustainable development because of the goal’s great gap with the current realities. [...] The problems are how to enhance the initiatives steadily and realistically and how to support the enhancement internationally.