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ISSUE: 2021 No. 92 - Singapore | 9 July 2021

9 July 2021


● ASEAN governments have prioritised the disbursement of stimulus packages to ramp up economic recovery, namely, (1) disbursement of cash assistance to retrenched workers and vulnerable groups, (2) supporting micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) operations, (3) providing financial assistance and incentives to the heavily-hit critical economic sectors, namely aviation and tourism, and most. [...] International Energy Agency (IEA) data show that countries are already seeing a rebound to pre-pandemic levels at the end of 2020.12 Planning for a transition to a low-carbon economy requires the creation of enabling environments using the right policy tools to encourage investors and businesses to make the right decisions and provide adequate time for education and training for the workforce to t. [...] WHAT IS GREEN RECOVERY? Economists and development experts introduced the concept of green recovery measures to encourage governments to decarbonise the economy and enhance resilience in facing future health and climate shocks. [...] As a region, ASEAN’s collective efforts for green recovery are articulated in the ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework adopted at the 37th ASEAN Summit.16 Under the framework, green recovery – including green growth, green jobs, and green infrastructure, and decarbonisation pathways – is one of the suggested measures at the country level. [...] The Philippine government also received a US$1 million loan from the World Bank and the ADB for disaster management which includes strengthening the country’s policy and institutional framework and the community’s capacity to recover from environmental disasters.24 6 ISSUE: 2021 No.


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