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ONIX for Books Product Information Message

7 July 2021


As an ONIX sender, does your data include captions or identifiers when they are needed? As a recipient, do you display any required credits when they are supplied? Did you know… that ONIX includes a way to name the person a book is about ? The composite is most obviously useful for biographies, where the name of the subject of the book is a likely way for potential readers to searc. [...] Did you know… that ONIX can tell you when a cover image is out of date ? In the months leading up to publication, the publisher creates the cover of the book and distributes it to its supply chain partners. [...] In ONIX, a link to the image would be carried within the composite, like this: and the idea is that a retailer can download the image from the given URL – though often, only a filename is given and some other process is used to get the actual cover image file to the retailer. [...] And if the chapter is available as a product in its own right, then the full ONIX record for the chapter-sized product can mostly be included inside block 3 of the ONIX record for the book-sized product. [...] To make this possible, many of the ‘textual’ data fields in ONIX 3.0 are repeatable, so you can just include something like this: Umberto Eco, professor of semiotics at the University of Bologna, and author of The Name Of The Rose and Foucault’s Pendulum, is one of the world’s bestselling novelists.<.


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