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2N2O FVEBERMUABREYR 20 3109 , 2018 - Global Fund Prospective Country

5 July 2021


In short, the PCE seeks to understand the outcomes and impacts of the Global Fund’s investments in country programs and how and why these results are occurring. [...] These factors included: concurrent grant closeout processes that reduced PR staff time for new grant initiation; the transition from international to domestic PRs, resulting in changes in monitoring and financial systems; the misalignment of timelines for approval and disbursement of matching funds with the timelines for the main grants; and the selection, contracting and onboarding of SRs, which. [...] The PCE aims to evaluate the Global Fund’s business model, investments, and impact to generate timely evidence in order to support policy and program improvements and accelerate progress toward meeting the Global Fund’s Strategic Objectives (SOs).(1) Specifically, the PCE is examining the pathways between Global Fund investments and impact at the country-level, and in the context of domestic and o. [...] Our findings contributed to answering the following high level EQs outlined in the 2016 Request for Proposal: Impact: How do investments link and contribute to disease and broader health and social impacts? Sustainability, transition and co-financing (STC): To what extent is the STC policy applied and contributing to preparing countries for sustainability and transition, and to increasing domestic. [...] • In Sudan and Uganda, the securing of funding under the Global Fund’s Emergency Fund to support services to key and vulnerable populations in emergency settings including US $3.2m for the provision of malaria services in refugee camps and selected states in Sudan and US $3.5m to the malaria grant to cover commodity gaps for refugees in Uganda.

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

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