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2 April 2021


32 00:04:50.550 --> 00:04:57.060 Chris Reykdal: And just before he got approval from the US Senate, the department put out information that said “Okay, we now kind of are grounded, we know what we're doing.” 33 00:04:57.540 --> 00:05:02.940 Chris Reykdal: They're offering waivers to the accountability portion of the test, so the stuff that would cause us to 34 00:05:03.450 --> 00:05:14.250 Chris R. [...] It's not something we're very interested in this state because if we're going to have to assess students 64 00:09:24.960 --> 00:09:27.990 Chris Reykdal: and we do think there's a better way to do it, hopefully we'll get into that… 65 00:09:28.230 --> 00:09:40.770 Chris Reykdal: We want to be reliable and valid and we want to be able to tell powerfully the story of what has happened over the last y. [...] 76 00:11:20.130 --> 00:11:32.220 Chris Reykdal: What we're what we're actually seeking to do is tell the federal government that we want local educators in all subject areas, particularly the three that are required by the feds to have a local assessment that tells them how students are measuring 77 00:11:32.730 --> 00:11:37.590 Chris Reykdal: in that content area in the classroom and for this yea. [...] It's part of what I want to keep exploring which is let's stop the sort of 160 00:23:47.280 --> 00:23:56.340 Chris Reykdal: age of grade cohort comparison and instead find something that's a pre- test post-test within the year to tell families and parents and community, 161 00:23:56.610 --> 00:24:07.590 Chris Reykdal: hey we either did or didn't have as much success as we needed to in a year's wor. [...] 232 00:35:20.070 --> 00:35:28.350 Chris Reykdal: But I also want to respect the fact that if that's the determination of the US Department of Education as influenced it sounds like by members of Congress 233 00:35:29.190 --> 00:35:44.610 Chris Reykdal: which is, which is something we should explore, but if that's the determination then we have to proceed with that and we're ready to.