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LDC priorities from COP25 to COP26 - Unfinished business and pandemic disruption

26 May 2021


addition to the G77+China asks – was on establishing a Loss and damage, and the review of the new financial facility to channel new and additional loss and damage finance to countries at the frontlines of the Warsaw International Mechanism climate emergency. [...] • Inclusion of a broad range of players1 in the need to scale up support for loss and damage Establishment of an expert • Establishment of the expert group under the WIM • Shortcoming of task group on action on support ExCom by the end of 2020 list in covering all • Expert group charged with following up on the desired asks for the provisions relating to the SCF and the GCF expert group, such as •. [...] The LDC Group believe the WIM must be throughout the COP25 negotiations, nearly sinking the governed by both because: decent outcomes of the review and the establishment of the Santiago Network. [...] The issue is whether the WIM • the functions of the WIM, and the UNFCCC’s work should be governed under both the UNFCCC and the on loss and damage more broadly, are laid out in Paris Agreement processes, or only under the Paris decisions under the Convention, and the WIM will be Agreement. [...] If governed only under the Paris Agreement Agreement, the decision body would be the CMA (the • countries that are Party to the convention, but not Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the the Paris Agreement, would be able to sidestep Parties to the Paris Agreement).


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