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Assessing and improving the social impacts of protected areas - Case studies from Kenya and Uganda

19 May 2021


1 In the context of a PCA, stakeholders are individuals and groups with interests and concerns related to the management and governance of the area and any related activities. [...] SAPA analytical framework: key concepts and their inter-relationship Human wellbeing Positive impacts Material Negative impacts of PA and of PA and associated Relational associated conservation and conservation and development Subjective development activities activities Explore changes in wellbeing and identify any contribution of the PA Identify positive and negative impacts of PA and assess the. [...] The second explores the main positive and negative impacts of the PCA on wellbeing and their significance over the same period. [...] Benefit sharing: To what extent are PCA-related benefits equitably shared within and between local communities? 15 Assessing And improving the sociAl impActs of protected AreAs The inclusion of a governance and equity assessment in the second edition of SAPA strengthens the results and action planning processes. [...] Map of the three PAs in Uganda Source: IUCN and UNEP-WCMC 2021 33 Assessing And improving the sociAl impActs of protected AreAs The social impact and governance results in the following sections are based on responses to the household survey at each site.


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