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Learning paper - The impacts of COVID-19 on climate diplomacy - Perspectives from the Least Developed Countries

26 May 2021


5 Methods and approaches To understand how the pandemic has impacted the To solicit the experiences of LDC delegates, we designed LDCs’ ability to engage in climate diplomacy, we a web-based survey and sent out invitations for virtual started by reviewing the literature and summarising the interviews. [...] Further study could explore events in the margins of diplomatic forums like the in more depth the pandemic’s impacts on coordinating UN Climate Action Summit and the COPs, and during and developing national climate policies in the LDCs. [...] Prominent officials and the LDC COVID-19 has impacted the appointment of LDC climate chair are often quoted in news articles reviewing the diplomats and whether the lack of in-person events and state of the climate and the international effort. [...] Prominent officials and the LDC chair continue strategies, policies and plans that support actions to to be quoted in articles reviewing the state of the climate reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate and the international effort, and the chair’s Twitter change. [...] To facilitate assess, the UNFCCC Secretariat has Prioritising access is in the interest of the international offered to redirect the participant travel budget to cover community, as all UN decisions for the foreseeable the costs of booking hotel rooms that are close to the future will hang on overcoming these barriers.


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