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13 May 2021


Trout fed the HCO diet also had an increased quantity of ARA in their muscle tissue, which could be attributed to the presence of ARA (and LNA) in the transgenic camelina oil used in this study (Table 1; as in Han et al., 2020) and the HCO diet. [...] The conservation of DHA in the liver in fish fed the HCO diet compared to those fed the FO diet was expected, as the HCO diet contained transgenic camelina oil with EPA and DHA proportions that are equivalent to that of FO. [...] Interestingly, higher amounts of ARA were stored in the brain in trout fed LCO and HCO diets compared to the FO treatment, despite the fact that ARA levels in the feed were similar for FO and LCO diets (although about four times higher in the HCO diet). [...] The presence of neural tissue within the eye prioritizes the specific retention of n-3 LC-PUFA such as DHA, to assist in optimizing the integrity of the retina and maintaining visual acuity. [...] The δ13C of a consumer is assumed to be equivalent to the weight proportion of the δ13C of all dietary components, therefore, the significant difference in DHA δ13C represents the difference in terrestrial vs.