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The problem of omnivory: A synthesis on omnivory and DNA metabarcoding

7 April 2021


The amount and of DNA are, however, often outcompeted during amplification by type of tissue being consumed will partially determine the impor- the fresh and abundant DNA of the focal consumer where the PCR tance of a given species interaction. [...] The omnivore other plants, nesting material of prey, and all types of plant matter may not benefit from ingesting these species; indeed, the vertebrate that might be common in the surroundings at the point of consump- may actually be harmed by feeding on the ants, which typically pos- tion by the consumer. [...] The apple is intentionally consumed and the insects accidentally, resulting in detection of both plant and insects in the DNA metabarcoding output, and likely equivalent representation in subsequent analyses. [...] Because of the low energy value for the predator given the biomass of the parasite relative to its host. [...] Examining the dietary dynamics of omnivores is highly valuable Discerning the diet of omnivores is challenging, but DNA metabar- to the field of ecology but there does not currently appear to be a coding has demonstrably facilitated the most comprehensive di- panacea for the complex issues in doing so using DNA metabarcod- etary assessments to date for a number of trophic generalists (Bonin ing.