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29 March 2021


your project is trying to achieve and enables the audience to put a human face to the issues you’re trying to address. [...] To The audience doesn’t need identify the conflict that’s driving your story, ask: What does your character want? What’s preventing them to know the intricacies of your from having it? What challenges or obstacles must they issue to know the difference overcome? between what is moral and what is immoral. [...] Is your story raising awareness of issues faced by a community? Are you trying to explain how your project helps them to overcome these? What is the point of your story? What is the core message? Combine your solution and mission into one idea that makes it easy for the audience to remember. [...] All great stories usually include the following tried and tested structure: The Big Idea The How To The Challenge The Impact 13 The Challenge: Introducing the issue This part of the story introduces the challenge through a character. [...] Read the full story here TASK What is the solution to the challenge and how does it work? How does it affect the main character and their community? Is there any collaboration involved? 16 The Impact: Transformative change This part of the story focuses on describing the impact of the solution; providing convincing evidence that illustrates.


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