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30 June 2021


The rest of the volume is devoted to educational materials, including a strategy for conducting a simulated excavation in the classroom, additional activ- ity ideas, a list of resources, and a glossary of terms found in the readings. [...] The "Teaching with Archaeology" education module joins a list of resources that the SAA Public Education Committee has produced in the last decade to pro- mote the use of archaeology in the classroom and to make the discipline more accessible to the public, especially kids. [...] Although only forty percent of the site was excavated, the Emanuel Point Ship has offered a unique view of the culture and lifeways of 16th-century Spain in the New World. [...] They also carried all of the food, tec pottery from Mexico, molded in the shape of a hu- tools, equipment, and personal supplies needed to man face, linked the wreck to the colony. [...] Com- uncover, record, and recover enough material to bined with historic documents about the expedition, identify the origin and date of the ship and to de- the Emanuel Point Ship has provided a clearer pic- termine why it sank.

Society for American Archaeology