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13 February 2021


77 00:12:20.940 --> 00:12:28.020 Tana Senn: So a few years ago, the Chamber of Commerce, along with the Association of Washington Business and a bunch of other groups, Department of Commerce, 78 00:12:28.980 --> 00:12:32.880 Tana Senn: looked at and put together some actual numbers 79 00:12:33.480 --> 00:12:45.330 Tana Senn: related to the cost of childcare and what they found – and Arik you share. [...] During testimony 151 00:25:49.350 --> 00:25:53.790 Tana Senn: of the Fair Start for Kids Act in the House and leading up to session, 152 00:25:54.510 --> 00:26:02.250 Tana Senn: it's been amazing to see how businesses are engaged and even like in Clallam County, you know, the port there and the hospitals, there have been 153 00:26:02.550 --> 00:26:06.960 Tana Senn: talking about the desperate need. [...] 163 00:27:30.180 --> 00:27:38.400 Claire Wilson: And this is the perfect time where we have providers that have the experience and the skill, but oftentimes are looking for the place, the space, 164 00:27:38.790 --> 00:27:48.240 Claire Wilson: or the partnerships to be able to make sure they can have a business model that keeps them going and sustains and maintains that support. [...] How does the Fair Start for Kids Act address quality and continue to ensure that programs like childcare and the 168 00:28:19.740 --> 00:28:28.260 Arik Korman: Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program, ECEAP, are receiving ongoing support to improve the quality of the services they're providing to children and families? 169 00:28:29.790 --> 00:28:29.970 Tana Senn: So 170 00:28:30.000 --> 0. [...] 185 00:30:54.900 --> 00:31:03.300 Claire Wilson: But at the same time, we also have to fund what it is that we expect individuals to do, and what Early Achievers does is give us the place 186 00:31:03.540 --> 00:31:15.480 Claire Wilson: and the space to be able to put the money to be able to fund to make sure we get it out across the state to all providers who need it.



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