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7 April 2021


What has that been like? 126 00:20:57.330 --> 00:21:10.950 Nathan Plummer: Yeah, you know I think to reiterate everything that has been said, I love the obstacle course analogy and and and the resilience I would I would expand on that and just say just been in awe and humbled 127 00:21:12.300 --> 00:21:21.240 Nathan Plummer: in the persistence of educators right and and just really understand you. [...] 130 00:21:34.560 --> 00:21:46.410 Nathan Plummer: And that expands to race in special education and and and identity, I mean you fill in the blank and and the the separation, the lack of relationship 131 00:21:46.680 --> 00:21:51.660 Nathan Plummer: and that community and human building really has perpetuated this this growing divide 132 00:21:52.200 --> 00:22:04.410 Nathan Plummer: that we talked. [...] And so when we're talking about equity 206 00:33:08.850 --> 00:33:26.280 Carlos Gonzalez: and that the power of a transcript in high school setting right and that difference between an A and A- that is huge and so it was a somewhat of a hurdle for us, but we were able to just change that zero to 50% and that was a big deal for a lot of teachers to change… who had that. [...] How do we leverage that in the classroom? And do that in a way that is 293 00:45:59.730 --> 00:46:09.240 Justin Hendrickson: going to be not just for a year, and not just a slight shift, and then we shift back… like really I know we're a big ship and we don't turn quick, but how do we really start to move in the direction that's going to be 294 00:46:09.900 --> 00:46:15.060 Justin Hendrickson: muc. [...] 349 00:54:13.320 --> 00:54:27.660 Nathan Plummer: And so I could add to all of those and expand, but I'm going to say we got a dump this learning loss concept… we do know what we're doing, we do care about kids, and we will do whatever we can to be able to get them to be high school and beyond ready.