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NATIVE AMERICAN RIGHTS FUND - Voting Rights Protected for Native Voters in North Dakota


Hovland of the US District Court and six individual plaintiffs to ensure that eligible for the District of North Dakota held that the law Native American voters residing on reservations likely violated the US Constitution because it in North Dakota would be able to cast a ballot in disproportionately kept Native Americans from the 2018 midterm elections and in all future voting. [...] Also, the steps that will then shift to the state to verify the residential North Dakota is taking today can serve as an street addresses for these voters, to provide that example for the rest of the country going forward information to the voter and the tribe, and to as we all work to ensure that all eligible voters ensure those voters’ ballots are counted. [...] We encourage Indian tribes and their attorneys to contact the Project to coordinate resources, develop strategy and prepare briefs, especially at the time of the petition for a writ of certiorari, prior to the Supreme Court accepting a case for review. [...] We thank the looks to the tribes to provide the crucial funding following tribes and Native organizations for to continue our legal advocacy on behalf of their generous support of NARF in the 2020 Indian Country. [...] the United States and Indian nations is the inherent duty for all levels of government to recognize and responsibly One of the responsibilities of NARF’s first Board of enforce the laws and regulations applicable to Indian Directors was to develop priorities to guide the organiza- peoples.


Native American Rights Fund

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