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NATIVE AMERICAN RIGHTS FUND - Protecting the Law that Protects Our Children - VOLUME 44, NO. 2


Their goal was to improve the handling of and satisfy a “large demand for Indian children on Indian child welfare cases and the outcomes for the part of Anglo parents.”2 In its ten-year lifes- Indian children and Indian families. [...] Given the history of attacks The Brackeen plaintiffs also argued that ICWA on Native families—and the resulting destruction forces courts to look past the best interests of chil- of Native communities—NARF considers the pro- dren and blindly adhere to race-based foster and tection of Native families and communities a top adoptive placement preferences. [...] We therefore grant the petitions in part because In order to accelerate the deployment of 5G—to the Order’s deregulation of small cells is arbi- the benefit of some of the world’s wealthiest com- trary and capricious. [...] worked with attorneys, judges, professors, students, Among David’s many accomplishments at NILL and the general public in a variety of environ- are the development of the Tribal Law Gateway ments, including a large corporate law firm, and the creation of the Indian Law Bulletins. [...] the United States and Indian nations is the inherent duty for all levels of government to recognize and responsibly One of the responsibilities of NARF’s first Board of enforce the laws and regulations applicable to Indian peo- Directors was to develop priorities to guide the organiza- ples.


Native American Rights Fund

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