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Guidelines for Cataloging Cartographic Resources Using RDA December 2020

8 December 2020


This document is based on the experience of catalogers of cartographic resources, the best practices and policies of the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress, and the understanding of past practices. [...] Leader #18 (Desc in OCLC) “Codes c and i both specify the use of ISBD as the basis for the descriptive cataloging, with code c indicating the omission of punctuation and code i indicating the inclusion of punctuation. [...] Per RDA 6.27 , the AAP for a work consists either of the creator AAP + the preferred title of the work, or the preferred title alone (in cases where a creator AAP is not present). [...] Variant titles can come from differences in the title proper in the 245$a including the ability to read the title proper in a different manner or because of typography, a title found in a different location on the resource or its accompanying material, or a different kind of title such as a running title found within an atlas. [...] The following types of information, if present on the resource , should always be brought out in the bibliographic record in the form of 500 general notes and in the order given: Nature and scope of item (e.g., Shows...