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De-framing STEM discourses in Cambodia - Leng Phirom, Khieng Sothy, Chhem Rethy and Gregory Smith

15 July 2021


Cambodia is ranked below the average for the region in the pillars of higher education and training in such aspects as quality of the education system, and quality of mathematics and science education. [...] The rote-based and teacher-centred nature of Cambodian higher education limits teachersā€™ opportunities to enhance their skills, and the introduction of a problem-based inquiry curriculum would fundamentally change the instructional and regulatory context of any faculty or department in science, mathematics, technology and engineering; in short, a fundamental change in beliefs and identity of indiv. [...] The six-year Cambodia Higher Education Improvement Project (World Bank 2018b), introduced in 2018, has the objective of improving the quality and relevance of education, research, and teaching and learning capacity in STEM and agriculture. [...] This is aligned with the current paradigm of STEM literacy and is clearly stated in the 2007 Cambodian Law on Education and the Higher Education Vision 2030: To build a quality higher education system that develops human resource [sic] with excellent knowledge, skills and moral values in order to work and live within the era of globalization and knowledge-based society. [...] Furthermore, student knowledge is confined to what they are taught in the classroom and such traditional teaching-learning approaches are anachronistic and irrelevant to current world realities and the skills graduates need in the workplaces of today and the future.


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