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A CLPE Booklist - Author and Illustrator Focus - The History of Prehistory

26 March 2021


Find out more about them at The History of Prehistory Otter-Barry Books 9781910959763 With two modern day children as guides, we take a trip back in time to the formation of planet Earth and move forward until we reach the Bronze Age, the invention of writing and the beginning of recorded human history. [...] Children of the Moors Watts 9781445147321 A story within a story – a bit like the structure of Wuthering Heights! A boy living in Haworth the village where the Brontës lived remembers taking part in a TV series based on this novel. [...] A CLPE core book Viking Longship Frances Lincoln 9781847806246 Each of the titles in the Fly on the Wall series introduces a cast of characters from a particular period and shows their activities in words and pictures with some general commentary running along the bottom of each page. [...] There is lots of encouragement to children to look closely at details and make connections with other paintings in the book, explore more work by the artist and make links with the oeuvres of other painters. [...] A History of Music for Children Watts 9781445163666 Recognising that the history and diversity of music is too wide a subject to cover comprehensively, Mick and Brita have decided ‘to explore the variety of music in the world today, both through its history and the reasons for making it’.


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