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A CLPE Booklist - Author Focus - Information Books - A First Book of Nature

5 March 2021


Every Child a Song illustrated by Marc Martin Wren & Rook 9781526361431 Inspired by the thirtieth anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Nicola writes about how every child is an individual with their own song to sing and how all have the right to life, love and liberty. [...] The story is told from the viewpoint of one of the bullies and readers can only imagine the feelings of the new girl who is named by the end of the story. [...] Ariki and the Giant Shark illustrated by Nicola Kinnear Walker 9781406369793 Ariki lives on a tiny island in the Pacific where she was washed up on the shore as a toddler and taken into the guardianship of the Star Walker, Arohaka. [...] So when most of the islanders believe that a giant shark is their enemy, how can she convince them not to harm it? Nicola Kinnear’s illustrations draw out the playful aspects of this short novel which reveals connections between the stars in the sky and the life of the ocean and between humans and the natural world. [...] The arrival of a loquacious macaw leads to a dangerous journey and the discovery of the place where they all truly belong.


Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

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