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A CLPE Booklist Trees Tree Trees Only a Tree Knows How to Be a Tree

9 April 2021


The paper cut-out technique is used to show how the other wildlife in the tree expands and diminishes as the seasons change and the leaves come and go. [...] Poetic language flourishes in the central narrative text – ‘Summer trees are shady, and so full of leaves, when the wind blows they swish like the sea’ and this is complemented by the illustrations that clearly demonstrate the child’s close connection to the nature that surrounds her. [...] The carefully chosen colours, with neon green threading through and uniting the whole, complement each tree being featured, from the pink petals of the Japanese cherry tree to the scorching sunshine shades that provide a background to the Australian eucalyptus tree. [...] The Song of the Tree by Coralie Bickford-Smith Penguin 9780141989341 This picturebook by Coralie Bickford-Smith is as beautifully designed as her earlier volumes The Fox and the Star and The Worm and the Bird. [...] He is determined to resolve the mystery of the Monster that is destroying the forest and the creatures who live there, including the Hobs.


Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

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