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Annex I - GRI Content Index 2020

26 April 2021


F urthermore, as a p art of the U N s ystem, U NOPS is c ommitted t o contributing i n full t o the achievement o f the 2 030 A genda, working i n s ubstantive partnership w ith governments, international o rganizations a nd p rivate partners. [...] UNOPS p ersonnel are required to c omply with the d uties a nd responsibilities s et o ut i n t he UN Charter, U N s taff r egulations and r ules, the Standards o f Conduct f or the International Civil S ervice a nd w ith other relevant i nstruments i n t he U NOPS Legislative F ramework. [...] In 2020, UNOPS c ontinued i ts d rive t oward s upplier d iversity and inclusion t hrough t he UNOPS P ossibilities P rogramme, d esigned t o enhance supplier d iversity o ver t he longer t erm a nd ensure t hat a larger share o f p rocurement s pend can b e a ccessed by local micro, small, medium, women-owned, and youth-owned enterprises and o ther diverse o r under-represented groups. [...] T he policy s tates that UNOPS i s committed t o preventing, identifying a nd addressing a ll a lleged a cts o f fraud o r corruption a gainst U NOPS and/or its activities, a s i t may i mpact its clients and/or partners. [...] T he o bjective o f the E RA is to identify ethics r isks (including bribery and corruption) a cross the o rganization, assess t he l evel of t he risk, and d etermine t he r eadiness o f the o rganization t o e ffectively m anage identified e thics risks through mitigations and controls.

United Nations Office for Project Services

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