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Annex II Results-based Reporting A. M anagement Results and Reporting for 2020-2021

26 April 2021


For the f inance p erspective, 99 per cent of partner a greements were signed in compliance w ith UNOPS cost recovery policy in 2020, exceeding the t arget of 95 per c ent. [...] A t 43 per cent, the share of U NOPS i nvestments spent on innovation and knowledge management a lso exceeded the t arget for the biennium. [...] UNOPS management r esults f ramework and reporting f or 2020-2021 The table below p rovides an overview of 2 020 r esults a gainst p erformance indicators s ubmitted as p art o f the UNOPS Budget estimates for t he biennium 2 020-2021 (DP/OPS/2019/5). [...] The framework w as finalized, and 2019 r esults reported, in t he midterm review of the strategic plan, drawing on k ey indicators from t he UNOPS sustainability report, which i s based on t he standards of the G lobal R eporting Initiative. [...] In terms of a ccess t o a range o f basic f acilities and services, 6 2 per c ent of UNOPS infrastructure p rojects reported enabling access, 5 7 per c ent e nabled access for w omen, a nd 26 per c ent for p eople w ith d isabilities.

United Nations Office for Project Services

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