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Infrastructure for Peacebuilding

13 November 2020


management of the assets (handing Regardless of these objectives, due to the long over the assets to local committees lifespan of infrastructure assets, investments will setup in the course of the project with inevitably have a positive or negative impact both in the short-term and far into the future. [...] In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the expense of appropriate planning and preparation of the interplay between infrastructure and for instance, Hunde rebels held control of the fails to sustain peacebuilding efforts in the longer- peacebuilding during conflict are below (see Table 3). [...] However, © UNOPS in early decision-making and planning, as well as As the report indicates, community-based in practice, the level and method of community in the construction and maintenance of assets, approaches are instrumental to the success of engagement in infrastructure projects differ have greater chances of positively contributing to peacebuilding initiatives. [...] If the state is unable to operate and maintain infrastructure assets in the future, it is likely The effective operation and maintenance of infrastructure assets by the state to lose legitimacy in the eyes of the communities affected by the lack of services. [...] Capacity building and The diagram to the right shows the links between the project elements, training can enable effective the components of an infrastructure system and the dimensions maintenance and operations of fragility.

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