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Better cities after COVID-19 - Transformative urban recovery in the global South

9 June 2021


We also in the informal economy – and the pandemic has often highlight the contributions of grassroots organisations devastated informal livelihoods in urban areas.2 Yet and the importance of generating co-created solutions despite the risks involved, many informal labourers to COVID-19 in urban areas. [...] have had to work even during lockdowns due to limited • In part 2, we identify key priorities and gaps in savings, rising food insecurity and meagre access to the literature and underscore the urgent need to social protection. [...] cycling and pedestrian walkways), to invest in renewable • principles 1 to 4 highlight the national and local energy generation and electrification, and to enhance government processes that underpin a Tur. [...] Implement holistic and co-created solutions interventions The legal status of urban migrants, refugees and IDps presents specific challenges in terms of how they Prioritise delivery of interrelated strategies to access basic services – including health services – in support resilient services, infrastructure and the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. [...] Framework for a transformative urban recovery Figures and tables Summary 1 COVID-19 in cities of the global South 1.1 Health impacts and socioeconomic harm 1.2 Rising urban poverty and inequalities 1.3 Co-produced solutions: the role of grassroots organisations 2 Towards transformative urban recovery: key issues to consider 2.1 Improving urban data 2.2 Developing flexible and inclusive strategies.


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