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Briefing Policy - Sustainable financing of The pointers - Gambia’s development in a

12 July 2021


consider the requirements of sustainable financing for development in a To reduce poverty, the COVID-19 era and explore important factors required to support it, from a government must consider strong legal framework and enabling environment to risk and resilience risks in vulnerable and marginalised communities financing, digitalisation and debt management options. [...] Over the past two instruments, and prioritising the creation of risk nature, to support urgent decades, the country’s medium-term plans have reduction and transfer tools and social safety health and welfare been insufficiently and inadequately resourced, nets for the most vulnerable sections of society. [...] In The Ministry of Information, Communication and the developing world, 65% of adults lack access Infrastructure continues its efforts to roll out to even the most basic transaction account, initiatives to transform The Gambia into a digital which would allow them to send and receive nation, facilitating the automation of financial payments safely and easily. [...] Policies that strengthen the for the Re-Prioritized developing countries.12 In the context of the enabling environment for green financing are National Development pandemic and the ongoing global climate crucial for increasing the volume of flows to Plan / COVID-19 Socio-Economic and Recovery emergency and destruction of biodiversity and match its climate ambition. [...] The pandemic has supports the Ministry of ecosystems, this approach offers a sustainable highlighted the need for financing to support risk Finance and Economic finance mechanism that can coherently address and resilience, and this should be a focus of the Affairs to design and this triple crisis.


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