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French River Education Center, Inc. - P.O. Box 476, 672 Main Street, North Oxford, MA 01537 - WINTER/SPRING 2021 Graduate Courses

2 December 2020


Before long, books will be written about these times and the teachers and administrators who faced the challenges of our time, head on! There is a great way to take care of yourself and ensure you are cultivating and enriching your personal, educational needs: take a French River graduate course! And so, I am happy to present this registration flier for the Winter/Spring 2021 semester. [...] We will also look at positive behavioral interventions and the roll of BCBA and ABA in the special education and inclusion classroom. [...] (10 hours); To understand ways to prepare and maintain students with disabilities for general education classrooms (10 hours); and To understand the appropriate use of augmentative and alternative communication and other assistive technologies. [...] If you are pursuing a preliminary license in any of the above referenced licensure fields, please be advised that, in addition to possessing a Bachelor‚Äôs degree, a passing score on the MTELs and appropriate subject matter tests, the Regulations for Educator Licensure (603 CMR 7.04) also require teacher candidates to complete a seminar series on the teaching of Reading (10 hours), Math (10 hours),. [...] One approach to achieve the requirements of the law is to ‚Äúretrofit‚ÄĚ, i.e., solving problems after the fact in an attempt to fit a student into the existing framework.


French River Education Center

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