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Stories for you to savor over Shabbat and Sunday

22 April 2021


We’re trying to telegraph to people that For Arnow, the logistics of opening in-person services normal days are ahead.” feel “really tricky.” Whenever he’s tried to have And as those “normal days” approach, Feldman said conversations with leaders at other synagogues about he wanted to get ahead of the game: “We don’t want the issue, “it falls apart.” In interviews with the to be the last to accomm. [...] “I take very seriously the fact that the mayor concerns of the greater Jewish community in New of New York City will be the mayor of the largest York. [...] complained about the “infamous egos” of the Parisian intellectual scene — wasn’t it odd, he asked, that the The Edward Said Reading Room opened in the spring same thinkers who’d questioned the cult of the author of 2011, eight years after Said died of leukemia and a had become infallible, semi-cultish authorities few months before I started college at Columbia. [...] Intellectual biography is still a the near-impossibility of proving the thesis, are the form of biography, of course, but “Places of Mind” key to the genre’s charm. [...] game for literary critics! Was there ever a time when Orientalism, the theory that Western study of the people thought otherwise? (The nineties, really?) But Middle East is not just tied but inextricably tied to to reread Said is to see how apolitical the study of the colonialism seems as ridiculous to many as it seems novel still was only 30 years ago, and to understand self-evident to a few.


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