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Member guidance and requirements on the submission process.

10 March 2021


The Member’s website must contain the following information for each community project request submitted in FY 2022: • The proposed recipient and address of the recipient; • The amount of the request; and • An explanation of the request, including project site location, purpose, and why it is a valuable use of taxpayer funds. [...] A template of the certification letter was circulated with the March 4th Dear Colleague from Chair DeLauro, and it will be printed and made available for public review online by the House Appropriations Committee if the request for the community project is included in the FY 2022 THUD bill. [...] □ Ensure that the name and location listed for each community project in the electronic online database is identical to the name and location in each community project certification letter. [...] General Requirements and Guidelines □ Ensure community project names submitted in the electronic online database, in the prioritized THUD request letter, and in the community project certification letter are all identical. [...] □ Ensure the community project, programmatic and language prioritization list entered into the electronic online database is identical to the prioritization in the Member’s THUD request letter.


American Public Transportation Association

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