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13 July 2021


The date of availability of the Bidding Documents, which shall be from the time the IB is first advertised/posted until the deadline for the submission and receipt of bids; b. [...] The Procuring Entity should specify in the BDS information and requirements specific to the circumstances of the Procuring Entity, the processing of the procurement, and the bid evaluation criteria that will apply to the Bids. [...] Performance Security Within ten (10) calendar days from receipt of the Notice of Award by the Bidder from the Procuring Entity but in no case later than prior to the signing of the Contract by both parties, the successful Bidder shall furnish the performance security in any of the forms prescribed in Section 39 of the 2016 revised IRR of RA No. [...] The Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) complement the GCC, specifying contractual requirements linked to the special circumstances of the Procuring Entity, the Procuring Entity’s country, the sector, and the Goods purchased. [...] Transportation – Where the Supplier is required under Contract to deliver the Goods CIF, CIP, or DDP, transport of the Goods to the port of destination or such other named place of destination in the Philippines, as shall be specified in this Contract, shall be arranged and paid for by the Supplier, and the cost thereof shall be included in the Contract Price.




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