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BLUEPRINT FOR A LIVING PLANET: - Four Principles for Integrated Ocean-Climate Strategies

6 June 2021


The transformative change needed to address the climate Countries need to increase efforts to capture and and ocean crises cannot happen without the meaningful strengthen the contributions of coastal and ocean engagement and empowerment of people, especially ecosystems to greenhouse-gas mitigation and climate those closest to and most dependent on marine and adaptation efforts, which requires prot. [...] By investing in the recovery and protection of our ocean, and the Paris Agreement, to the CBD, the Ramsar its ecosystems and biodiversity, and by better managing Convention and the Convention on Migratory Species its precious resources, we can rebuild the resilience of the of Wild Animals, the UN Convention on the Law of the ocean, the communities that depend upon it and our ability Sea (UNCLOS) t. [...] The process enables countries to identify of organisms), and biological diversity (areas important for medium- and long-term adaptation needs, and to develop evolution and maintaining resilience of marine species and and implement the strategies to address these needs. [...] JOIN UP THE CLIMATE AND JOIN UP THE CLIMATE OCEAN FINANCE AGENDAS AND OCEAN FINANCE AGENDAS In the run-up to UNFCCC COP26 and the CBD post-2020 global biodiversity framework, there is ever more focus on global public and private financing to address the linked challenges of climate change, nature and biodiversity loss in the context of sustainable development. [...] However, it is also and ecosystems behind if they do not meet the important to recognize and quantify the impact of it is critical to recognize and account for the value and incorporate into decision-making the linkages between importance of nature-based solutions and the multiple ocean-based ecosystem services and mitigation and requirements and benchmarks of financial institutions: these incenti.

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