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Community Health Care Needs Assessment- Implementation Plan 2019-2022

30 December 2020


3 Health Need- Supporting Access to Care and Impacting the Social Determinants of Health Programs, Partnerships Description and Strategies Maintaining and pursuing To improve access to services, lower costs, improve outcomes, and move toward a affiliations and partnerships more viable and measurable population health model, MPTF will continue to work closely with the UCLA Health-MPTF co-branded he. [...] 7 Health Need- The growing understanding of the social determinants of health are woven through MPTF’s programs and services Programs, Partnerships Description and Strategies Health, Fitness and Wellness MPTF’s Saban Center for Health and Wellness provides fitness machines, a warm water programs therapy pool and fitness classes on a daily basis. [...] Supportive Services and Community MPTF regularly works with a large variety of community agencies and other relief Resources organizations and our social workers and support staff have developed specialized knowledge on information and resources tailored to the needs of people in the entertainment industry. [...] Due to the sheer quantity and scope of all of the community’s health needs identified, it is crucial for MPTF that there be prioritization to ensure that the community benefit initiatives undertaken are effective in improving the health and welfare of the community it serves. [...] This is not intended to minimize the importance of those needs; it is a reality of having a strategic focus on effectiveness to improve the community as a whole and determining the degree to which each investment is successful in achieving our desired positive impact on the health and well-being of those we serve.

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