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1 March 2021


The Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment is the interdisciplinary nexus of environmental research and solutions at Stanford and it brings me immense pride to share with you this collection of environmental scholarship, which exemplifies the transformative potential of a 21st century university. [...] 55 STANFORD ENVIRONMENTAL RESE ARCH 2020 YE AR IN REVIEW 3 4 STANFORD ENVIRONMENTAL RESE ARCH 2020 YE AR IN REVIEW THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC The COVID-19 pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill and continues to devastate communities, alter economies, and take the lives of thousands per day, all began with a spillover event in which a disease transferred from an animal to a human. [...] The projects selected for 2020 will receive grants of up to $200,000 over the next two years: Safeguarding Ocean Ecosystems and Food Security: Voices of the Earth: Fostering environmental awareness Coastal communities throughout the world depend on among the public is key to addressing the systemic causes of wild-caught fisheries and productive near- and offshore environmental destruction. [...] When floods elephant in the room and the other things are details, but hit the road: Resilience to flood-related traffic disruption this study says the elephant in the room is really the existing in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. [...] “Both the shape and magnitude of our non-linear infrastructure that was designed and built results have the potential to benefit planners in Western around the old climate of the last century states that are trying to integrate the changing nature of snow hydrology into their decisions,” said senior author will continue to be pushed to its limits.