cover image: DIGITAL BLINDSPOT: - How Digital Literacy Can Create a More Resilient


DIGITAL BLINDSPOT: - How Digital Literacy Can Create a More Resilient

23 Oct 2019

This report offers insights on the rate of digitization to help stakeholders identify priority roles for upskilling, provides a framework for creating a shared understanding of the skills that are required for digital literacy in employment, outlines the role of employers and educators in equipping workers with necessary digital skills, and offers resources to help employers embed such skills in t. [...] Job seekers need clarity into the lack the foundational digital skills that are required for employment, and employers digital skills to navigate need to hire not just for the digital skills of today, but also for the a digital environment digital resilience and growth mindset that will enable workers to and find the information continually upskill in their career.” they need BECKY SCHMITT Chief P. [...] Rework America Business Network Digital Blindspot: How Digital Literacy Can Create a More Resilient American Workforce 9 Y-axis indicates the degree of digital literacy required for each occupation today Digital score, 2018 A Framework for Digital Literacy The first step employers need to take to address the Varying definitions of digital literacy Digital Blindsp. [...] Digital literacy skills are the By identifying similar skills and themes across foundation necessary to use digital definitions, RABN created a framework to categorize devices, software and tools to the skills workers need, and the role of different discover, use and create information stakeholders in providing that training. [...] Thus, employability digital skills are the basic set of capabilities workers need in order Possessing the skills needed to succeed to use devices, data, and computing proficiently, in any environment that requires the use of computers, devices, or the Internet safely, and ethically to perform their job’s core activities in the increasingly digitized future of work.
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