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Rethinking the U.S. Legal Immigration System: A Policy Road Map

29 April 2021


But it does criteria for selecting immigrants through various not fundamentally change the structure of the legal streams have proven to be misaligned with the key immigration system and the manner in which most factors shaping migration to the country and with immigrants are selected for admission, which is nec- the national interest. [...] NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20005 202-266-1940 retirees, the solvency of the Social Security system, tion of the negative effects of an aging population, and the growth of the U. [...] In turn, access To complement the bridge visa, to the courts and adequate representation seasonal/short-term visa, and direct- would be important for the integrity of the to-permanent pathways, the United new visa regime, given the troubled history of exploitation and retaliation in temporary States should also pilot a points-based worker programs. [...] Given the varied size of the populations has allowed a pathway to the United States for mi- of countries around the world, and the varying grants from some African countries (such as Egypt, strength of ties to the United States through proxim- MIGRATION POLICY INSTITUTE | 10 MIGRATION POLICY INSTITUTE | 11 RETHINKING THE U. [...] The rec- ommendation would be based on expert analysis even the most common-sense changes of the labor market, including consideration of the in immigration policy for decades, demand for jobs in specific sectors of the economy, including adjustments in the number the availability of U.