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Survey Results and Next Steps Memo – 2/5/21

7 April 2021


Highlights of the survey include: 47% preferred resolutions only, 47% opted for resolutions and speeches 88% support a vetting process and limited resolutions 46% voted for the same model as 2020, the second highest preference at 21% was the same option without the extraction clause Timeline MSMS developed a tentative timeline to complete the House process by the end of May. [...] The intent of narrowing the number of resolutions is solely due to time constraints and the online format, and not intended to be an assessment of the resolution’s merit. [...] The criteria for determining if a resolution will be reviewed this year will include: Is the resolution time sensitive? Will this policy or ask be needed before April 2022? Is there existing policy that already covers all or some of the same intent? Is the resolution already being addressed by MSMS or regular staff work? Can the resolution be addressed within MSMS in another venue like an MSMS Com. [...] The agenda will be emailed to you and posted on the House of Delegates website as soon as it is finalized. [...] A majority will be required to change the recommendation of the Reference Committee and table the resolution until 2022.

Michigan State Medical Society