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Coronavirus COVID-19 - Management of PPE-Related Skin Damage for Health Care Workers

7 May 2020


PPESkinDamage_v1.10 Coronavirus COVID-19 BC Centre for Disease Control | BC Ministry of Health Management of PPE-Related Skin Damage for Health Care Workers The continuous, extended and repetitive 2 Eye Protection use of personal protective equipment Safety goggles are a barrier (PPE), including masks, gloves and safety to droplets and splashes and only need to be tightened glasses/goggles, may ca. [...] friction, sweating, the use of cosmetics and skin products. [...] At home, use plain soaps, choose cleaning, baby and taken to prevent or manage PPE-related skin cosmetic products that are low in irritants and for injuries do not interfere with the efficacy of sensitive skin to minimize irritants that contact your skin. [...] Use a small amount of moisturizer Follow proper practices for wearing a mask: (size of a pearl) that will not leave an excessive layer make sure it fits properly, adjust the metal piece to your on your skin, but enough to prevent skin dryness. [...] At home, use plenty of moisturizer to condition your skin Forehead, nose and cheeks Forehead and nose Back of ear frequently, such as every time after washing your face, hands, or taking a shower.

Massage Therapists Association of British Columbia

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