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3 June 2021


• CONTINUE TO FOCUS on the patients you already have and reinforce their value • CONTINUE TO ASK yourself what your to you by building the bond and comfort patients will want and need in a post levels. [...] 14 — SPRING/SUMMER ISSUE 2021 THE RMTBC REVIEW — 15 “INJURY IS ONE OF THE MOST COMMON REASONS WHY MASSAGE About the MTF of Therapeutic Massage & The Massage Therapy Foundation Bodywork (IJTMB), and provides THERAPISTS LEAVE THE INDUSTRY” is a 501(c)3 public charity many educational resources for supporting scientific research, massage therapists, educators, education, and community and students. [...] The problem for our industry that we could international scientific and mission of the MTF is to be of service potentially improve and help us advance Article by Douglas Nelson LMT, BCTMB technical collaboration through to the massage therapy profession the way we care for ourselves. [...] He has taught more than 13,000 hours of continuing the intent to give something back to the education and is the author of three books and a recipient of numerous awards in his field. [...] This simple equation You probably have some goals of what you want experience through years in practice is the foundation of the mental to accomplish, but it’s important to take the and all of the other things we do to toughness program I teach to time to clearly define them and use them like “improve ourselves.” The part of the athletes and business people: a roadmap to get you to your destinatio.

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