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Aπολογισμός Report Έργου 2020 - of Activities 2020 - Report of Activities

28 April 2021


In the summer of 2020, the Institute of Educational Policy of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs adopted the methodology, tools and educational material of the programme, with a view to run it as a pilot in the compulsory national curriculum beginning in the 2020-2021 school year. [...] and marks one of the most important collaborative initiatives in the field of Digital Humanities, with the participation of reputable institutions, such as the • The digital design and construction of the Digital Archive’s National Library of Greece, the General State Archives, the Library of the Hellenic website, a single environment for the presentation of the digital Parliament, etc. [...] The aim of this activity is to familiarise students with the profession of historian, researcher • The transcription and digitisation of the archival material of 3 and archivist in the modern digital era, through the documentation collections (porcelain, flags, seals) that belong to the Historical of evidence items related to the Greek Revolution that they and Ethnological Society of Greece. [...] Stampolidis, Professor of Classical Archeology and the mind behind the idea of the Archeological Park and the Museum of Ancient Eleutherna, has managed to provide an insightful presentation of the natural beauty of Eleutherna and the findings at the Orthi Petra necropolis, shedding light on centuries of human activity in the area, thus offering a precious legacy of history and scientific knowledge. [...] and Eleutherna with such as Oxford University, the Sorbonne Université, and Princeton University, Jewellery items, and particularly necklaces, the Cyclades during preeminent museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, denote on the one hand the wealth and on the the Early Iron Age and other the high status of their female owners in particularly in the 8th the Louvre and the Hermita.


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