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Key Points for Considering Energy Transition towards Decarbonization

15 July 2021


Even if some large changes trigger great and quick changes on a flow basis, any change on a stock basis tends to be mild due to the enormousness of the energy system and the infrastructure’s long service life. [...] The ambitious pledge is a response to frequent abnormal weather events in recent years and to a rapidly growing awareness that the global environment should be protected to depict a sustainable future picture of the world. [...] Another factor behind the enhanced decarbonization initiatives may be that the serious social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic since last year have led the European Union and other economies to increasingly advocate that clean energy investment towards energy transition for decarbonization would contribute to the recovery and long-term growth of devastated economies. [...] 1 IEEJ:June 2021 ©IEEJ 2021 Third, clear and feasible means, methods or roadmaps to reach the target of net-zero GHG emissions have yet to be given amid the political and social trends in which a number of countries embark on the abovementioned great voyage. [...] This is the reason for the current status representing a hydrogen/ammonia boom in many parts of the world.