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Independent Investigative Mechanism in Georgia – Achievements and Existing Challenges

12 July 2021


The authors of the study also analyzed the following legal acts: ◉ Statute of the State Inspector’s Service; ◉ The rules of service for the employees of the investigative department and the general inspec- torate (department) of the State Inspector's Service; ◉ The code of ethics for the employees of the investigative department of the State Inspector's Service; ◉ Order N423 of the Minister of Int. [...] 1310 of the Minister of Internal Affairs of December 15, 2005, on approval of the in- structions for patrol police service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia; ◉ Order N403 of the Minister of Justice of Georgia on amending the order N35 of the Minister of Corrections and Probation of Georgia on the procedure for conducting surveillance and control through visual and/or electronic means,. [...] Some of the existing challenges were: equipping the Service merely with the investigative mandate, under the strong prosecutorial supervision;21 The limited list of crimes falling under the investigative mandate of the inspector; 22 The authority of the Prosecutor General to transfer cases to the investigative body without complying with the requirements of the investigative subordination;23 Mergi. [...] 28 Institutional Analysis been established.77 The report on the outcome of the case is signed by the employee/employees of the General Inspection of the State Inspector's Service, while the head of the General Inspection signed it with the note "I agree". [...] Rules for the Appointment and Dismissal of the State Inspector The candidates for the position of State Inspector are selected by the commission established by Prime Minister.88 The members of the commission are the representative of the Government of Georgia, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights and Civil Integration, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Legal Committee.


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