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Marine litter and biodiversity interactions in the Mediterranean Sea

10 April 2019


literature available corresponds to the northern Therefore, although studies on marine litter part of the Mediterranean Sea, particularly the pollution occurrence, distribution and dispersal Western Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic are increasing in the Mediterranean, research Sea ecoregions, where all the categories of on the interactions between marine litter and interactions can be found. [...] commercial fish species that are already impacted by overexploitation, in order to fully comprehend the dimension of the problem in Mediterranean marine ecosystems at the species, habitat and ecosystem level, with a view to the long-term management and conservation of healthy ecosystems and ecosystem services in the region. [...] In the Western The spatial meta-analysis of the data can be Mediterranean, the highest number of datasets mapped, similarly to Figure 1, differentiating on interactions are found primarily in two places: between pelagic and benthic ecosystems, and the North-western Mediterranean with the Gulf including additional layers of complementary of Lion, and the Pelagos Sanctuary. [...] In Figure 6, the are performed in commercial fishing areas and in pelagic interactions dataset in the Mediterranean coastal and near-coastal areas, whereas offshore has been overlaid on the general bathymetric information is related to marine mammals and features of the whole basin, including a turtles, and the colonisation of floating litter by classification set of marine protected areas. [...] bottoms in the Gulf of Lion (NW Mediterranean), The combination of these research efforts the Fish Restricted Area (FRA) of Santa Maria de aims to provide the basis for the development Leuca (Southern Italy), the Portofino Promontory of significant knowledge of Interreg MED (Ligurian Sea), and the deep-sea bottom of the Biodiversity Protection project activities related Sicilian Strait area in the.


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