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Technical fact sheet: “Using Ecological Sensitivity to guide Marine Renewable Energy Potentials in t

16 March 2021


Best Environmental Practices refer to the application of the most appropriate combination of environmental control measures and strategies, such as resource efficiency (including energy); avoiding the use of hazardous substances or products and the generation of hazardous waste; the development and application of codes of good environmental practice that cover all aspects of an activity throughout. [...] High offshore wind resource is also found in the offshore areas east and west of Crete, east of the Strait of Gibraltar, in the western Ligurian Sea, in the Strait of Sicily and in the Strait of Otranto. [...] Moreover, onshore devices for wave energy harvesting are also noteworthy (Overtopping 2 The principle of operation of ISWEC consists in the interaction of sea waves with the hull of the device and the gyroscopic system. [...] in the form of fully integrated multi-purpose platforms); (ii) the colocation of aquaculture installations within OWF security zones, such as seabed cultivation of mussels in the vicinity of the OWF [39]. [...] It contributes to the capitalisation process of the results of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community’s 15 modular projects and corresponds to the MBPC’s Deliverable 5.4.3.


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