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Annual Report 2017

6 June 2017


become more aware of the local better able to understand the economic What follows is not a complete list of the aerospace industry opportunities and the impact of the industry. [...] Don Price, the 1st Executive Director of Aerospace Alliance in the UK, their the Manitoba Aerospace Association, Aerospace Supply Chain Excellence Phillips further formalized industry’s collaborated with Jim Sawyer (then Chair program was adapted to the needs of connection with the educational partners of the MAA Board and General Manager Manitoba companies. [...] This initiative resulted in the identification In addition to the efforts of all the previous 2016 MAHRC and MAA Amalgamation and prioritization of important technologies of Executive Directors and their respective high interest to the economic future of the employees, we also need to recognize the Manitoba aerospace industry and also led to the significant contribution of all of the members estab. [...] We have long-standing partnerships with: Aerospace Technologies has 18 students the Faculty of Engineering and the in Grade 12, 28 students in • The University of Winnipeg has Engineering Access Program at the Grade 11 and 31 students in Grade 10 launched a unique, industry-driven University of Manitoba, the Faculty of graduate program, the Masters in Business and Economics at the University • Nee. [...] Aerospace is to ensure youth, parents, and gives prior learning credits to graduates educators are aware of the local aerospace from the Certificate in Management • Manitoba Aerospace hosted a HIRED industry and the great careers available in program towards a Bachelor of Business event and Meet and Greet at the Faculty of the sector.

Manitoba Aerospace Association

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