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Motion Picture and Television Fund - Community Health Needs Assessment Final

27 December 2019


Strengthen the community health component of the MPTF’s strategic plan – how to better align MPTF community health activities with the overall goals and priorities of the organization. [...] Palliative Care Provides health and supportive social services for members of the entertainment industry at all ages (many of whom are under 55) with chronic illnesses and for a frail and vulnerable senior population at the end of their lives. [...] 44 MPTF Social Services & Community Engagement – Cont’d Supportive Services and Community Resources MPTF regularly works with a large variety of community agencies and other relief organizations and our social workers and support staff have developed specialized knowledge on information and resources tailored to the needs of people in the entertainment industry. [...] Group and community events were organized including the MPTF Retiree Club which was launched in 2013 in an effort to engage industry seniors in a creative and social environment to keep them both active and interactive with one another, their industry and MPTF. [...] Kaiser remains focused on improving the health and quality of life of industry members by developing and deploying the highest quality health promoting information, evidence-based resources, and care.

Motion Picture & Television Fund