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The Tan Cheng Lock Private Papers

8 July 2021


Digitized Open TCL.014.011b 29/1/1951 Letter from Yong Shook Lin enclosing: Digitized Open Letter from D. [...] Digitized Open TCL.014.028 7/10/1951 Minutes of the 2nd meeting of the Organizing Committee of the IMP. [...] Digitized Open TCL.014.040 12/4/1952 Letter from Yeoh Cheang Lee enclosing: Digitized Open TCL.014.040a 8/4/1952 Letter from Yeoh Cheang Lee to members of Full Sweep Committee re: MCA lottery. [...] Digitized Open Letter from Tan Siew Sin, Chairman, MCA Publicity TCL.014.048 1/5/1952 Sub-Committee to committee members and others Digitized Open with extracts of correspondence re: MCA lottery. [...] Summary of TCL.014.058e Undated views of the Associated Chinese and Indian Chambers of Commerce and the FMS Chambers of Digitized Open Commerce.



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